Welcome to Triton Climate Controlled Transport.

We are a family owned and operated business based in Melbourne with many years experience in Liquor, Foodservice and Fresh Food distribution in the eastern states.

Specialising in Premium Climate Controlled Liquor Transport, we can provide a genuine uninterrupted Climate Controlled Chain from the time your product is crafted until the time it reaches the end user. With many years of experience in high end corporate, major events and venue distribution, we know exactly what is expected of a premium transport service. We currently work with some of Australia's most prestigious liquor brands and icons. Our foodservice arm proudly services many of Australia's most respected food companies.

Quickly your transport partner becomes identified with your product, and often is the only regular contact between you and the customer. At Triton we are very aware of this and as such you will never see our vehicles in anything but pristine condition, our drivers are always presented professionally and always courteous and respectful, with your company’s reputation foremost in our minds. Experience Triton Climate Controlled Transport for yourself, your customers will be pleased you have.

Meet Our Team

Haydn Ford

Haydn has worked and lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and started his working life in Sydney with the ANZ Bank, where he gained a good grounding in finance. Over the next few years he moved over to Esanda and concentrated on commercial vehicle and business lending, getting to know many of the transport operators of the time, this is where he developed an interest in the transport industry. He wanted to learn more about the trucking industry, so he obtained his licence and started working weekends carting brewers grain to the Sydney breweries experiencing first hand how the industry operated.

He continued on his way up in finance, with Ford Australia and General Motors Holden, until he was offered a position in the Foodservice industry. A big change, not really, his father and grandfathers had all been heavily involved in the food game and he was very familiar and comfortable in that environment. Was it enough...definately not!

He and some business partners purchased a fledgling coffee company in Melbourne back in the early 2000s, rebranded it, implemented a new sales and marketing strategy, identified a niche and aimed it straight at the Foodservice and liquor sectors in the corporate and major events markets and in a decade had become a multi-million dollar operation employing many staff and running a fleet of delivery vehicles, developing a reputation for exceptional service. Many people aspire to it...however not many actually achieve it. Sold out to the largest Foodservice operator in Australia, who still, to this day runs it under its previous identity.

Never one to sit idle, Haydn had observed for a number of years that premium products were just not being transported with the due care and attention they deserved. "The entrenched inflexibility and carelessness of transport companies and the at times deplorable attitude of some drivers is not something the “customer” should have to endure”. "The transport Industry needs to lift its game and remember who engages who.” Premium Transport at a whole new professional level and without the ridiculous and complicated rates, an easy and flexible business to deal with.” We do not want to be a transport giant sweeping up everything in its path and trying to be all things to all people. We are a small family business who cares about its staff, its customers and their products, we specialise in what we do and do it extremely well.” He has a calm management style, but don’t be fooled... he is a very fierce competitor and businessman. Always on top of every aspect of the business.

Rhys Ford

Rhys has achieved more in his 26 years than a lot of people in their lifetimes. Extremely level headed, fastidious and with a switched on business brain. With a degree from Melbourne University under his belt, he is currently studying part time for his Law Degree and is about to complete his Private Pilots Licence. He spent 11 years with the CFA in Victoria and is a very highly qualified Firefighter, having also spent 4 years with the LPG Specialist Response Group, he also holds a Heavy Vehicle Licence.

Rhys also spent a great deal of time working in the Foodservice and liquor industries part time, with his father, learning all facets of those industries, over the years he has gained a good regional wine and liquor knowledge. With the same "Can Do" attitude as his father and very much a leader by example, Rhys holds the position of General Manager.

Liza Ford

Liza looks after our office and takes most of the direct office phone calls, emails and bookings. She has had over 35 years experience in Medical Administration and Retail Customer Service and also has a reasonable knowledge of Foodservice and liquor distribution from our previous business. Liza enjoys the café and restaurant culture in Melbourne, but likes nothing more than catching up with good friends in Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane when time allows. "I am looking forward to assisting our many new customers".

Ian Ford

Now enjoying his retirement, Ian has spent most of his life in the Food Industry, with many years in senior executive positions in some of the Worlds and Australia’s largest food manufacturers. He is behind some of the iconic food products that are still available to this day. We are able to tap into his wealth of sales, marketing, management and logistics knowledge at any time. His advice and experience is invaluable and is something that can never be replaced.