All positions that become available will be advertised through our website.

It is preferable that every applicant for any position have a verifiable history in customer service, including potential new drivers. All new drivers must undergo a heavy vehicle and load restraint competency course, which also includes a component on hill descents at our nominated accredited training centre at Tritons expense. We are very sensitive about our public image, and expect a professional attitude always. You are entrusted with over a quarter of a million dollars worth of equipment, so we want to know it is being treated correctly, operated safely, skilfully and within the law.

We are not into corporate jargon, we do not require potential employees to play act or subject themselves to psychological assessments or have to participate in onerous team building exercises to indulge a H/R departments existence. You do however require the necessary skills and possibly documentation to accompany your application for particular positions.

At Triton you are interviewed by the person requiring your skills as we consider them to be the best judge of what is required to fill the position. We know you may have taken time off from your current position for the interview, so we will not keep you waiting.

Our approach is by a relaxed get to know you, with “old fashioned common sense” and the ability to hold an intelligent conversation, much sort after qualities in our employees.

You are well remunerated, not expected to work unrealistic hours, given all the training and assistance to do your job well. Your weekends and public holidays are your own, however extra hours are available from time to time. At Triton we believe your time with your family is as important as your job.

We do however expect absolute company loyalty. Irresponsible behaviour that affects your employment will not be tolerated, you are to treat your workmates and customers with respect and courtesy and uphold the company values at all times. Punctuality is a must, there will be no acceptance of chronic lateness. Your personal presentation is to be of a defined company standard at all times while representing Triton.

We hope this is of some assistance to potential applicants and we look forward to hearing from you as positions become available.

Current Positions Available

Casual Driver

Must have H/R licence
Fill-in for holidays and sick leave
Deliveries City and Suburbs